Important Instructions to Avoid Rejection of Your Order

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Important Instructions to Avoid Rejection of Your Order

Please ensure that the below items are read carefully and applied before placing the order:

1. Avoid placing two orders. Your second order will be deleted, even if you get an automatic email from us that it is pending.

2. We have been receiving huge amount of orders recently. It will not be possible to fulfill all the orders in a fast track this way. In order to avoid any delays, we will be sending some questions to the customers to reply to. Based on the replies, we will select the priority of the orders.

3. This is a free service and we would appreciate that people will NOT misuse the service. Please select the books which you need, do not select too many books. If too many books are selected, we will have to filter the requests.

4. Keep your most required books at the beginning.

5. Avoid requesting additional copies of the same book. This will not be entertained.

6. For people from USA. There is a rule set by USA Post Offices that the maximum weight allowed is 2 kg. We will not be able to send more that this weight due to this rule.

7. It is very disappointing that we don't receive confirmation by the customers when they receive the books. Please help us by confirming the delivery of the books. This will help us to continue.

8. We only seek Allah's mercy and we request you to pray for us.



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