How the Prophet "peace be upon him" Made Wudoo' (Ablution)

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How the Prophet "peace be upon him" Made Wudoo' (Ablution)

How the Prophet "peace be upon him" Made Wudoo' (Ablution)
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Wudoo’: The Prophet’s Ablution is a small yet comprehensive book aimed at conveying authentic knowledge of the manner in which the Prophet (blessings and peace be upon him) purified himself for prayer. The attributes of the Prophet’s ablution are detailed fully, such that the reader is given a clear mental picture, as if we were witnessing the Prophet actually making wudoo’. This book is based on sound narrations from the Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace be upon him), and the author takes care to include differing opinions and their evidence.

From leading us through the wudoo’ step by step, to addressing the things which nullify the wudoo’, The Prophet’s Ablution offers necessary guidance, so that by perfecting our ablution, this purification can truly «wipe away the sins.»

This useful book has been translated here into English by Dawood Burbank al-Britani.

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